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My Granddaddy’s property is under my ownership after being in chaos for 20 years. I have learned many things since becoming owner of this property. It was formerly an old grocery store and fertilizer business with three buildings on the property. One item learned is VALUE. My Grandaddy brought value to his business to benefit the community and bring customers to a rural part of Wayne County, NC to do business with him.


My grandfather’s store was open from 1949-1981, and he was a believer in his business bringing value to the community that he served. The following advertisement is from 1953. The following are a few practices of value to make his store standout in the community.


Grannawayne 1953
Marvin Wise


  • He had the first television and phone in the entire community and would open the store on Saturday nights for the community to watch boxing, wrestling, basketball events and provide food and the store would be packed with people from the community watching the only television in the community.
  • He would give free candy to kids on their birthday and would inform the parent that he would service your vehicle to ensure the vehicle would be in the best performance to take the birthday kid out for the evening.
  • He invested invested in best drink coolers of that time period. His store was known for having the coldest drinks in town.
  • He would have a setup inside the store for the community to be welcomed with chairs, checkerboards, and friendly atmosphere.
  • He would be known for the products that he sold including the fresh Hoop Cheese, Tropicana Orange Juice, Candy Selection, and Ice Cream.
  • He would provide gas services for cars, trucks, and tractors.
  • He had a vehicle lift on the side of the store to repair and service cars.

I  knew the store as a kid, and my grandfather was nearing retirement. I did not know the boom years of the store. The community has shared so many wonderful stories about that period with me. Many people( who did not know my grandfather) ask why would someone do business in the middle of nowhere. He could have operated just a grocery store and that is it, but he brought a value to that community that made people do business with him and brought them to his place of business. What a better world if we could look at value as parity in importance as profit is to business and to complement our relationships and interactions with people. Value made a business successful in a rural part of NC because he stood out in the community.


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