The Death of the American Dream

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The first six posts on this site will focus on the death of the American Dream and the consequences being felt by our core value of freedom and opportunity for all classes ceasing to exist. The innovators, inventors, and entrepreneurs were brought from every social class a generation ago because the American Dream was alive. Our young people a generation ago knew that having an invention, having an idea, or possessing an intellect  was a ticket to success no matter how poor or rich because hard work and access to community resources gave every child an opportunity to breakout and the possibilities were limitless.  The young people of today do not hold to such dreams of the future or success as the American Dream has died. The community bankers are missing in our America of today to recognize and finance business ideas in the community for people who needs financing to make their business plan a reality. In addition, the poor young person does not have any opportunity even by working hard to promote an invention, innovation, business idea, or exceptional intellect as the business community does not scout for new talent or work in communities to find talent. Our schools do not recognize the talent of people and the only option is going to college to obtain a degree to break the bonds of a young person’s life.

In the 1970’s, the community bankers were spread in every area of the United States to recognize business opportunities or innovations that were proposed by people with talent but lack of financing to fund their plan. This provided an opportunity for people to start a business with the financial support of the community banks. In addition, young people knew that they had a dream and worked hard enough that they would be able to live their dream.  The business community was more open to support and discover talent in communities by the recognition of their work ethic, contribution to an organization, and innovation or talent based on their own merits.  Innovations, inventors, and intellect were encouraged to follow their dreams because business ownership, discovery, and enhancements in many tech and science fields because a pool of talent would keep America the economic superpower and the land of opportunity for all young people either rich or poor.

In 2018, the opioid crisis, cyberbullying on social media, school shootings,  and technology addiction are the problems of our young people. Their completion of high school for some is followed by attending a four-year college and graduating under a burden of debt after four years not to mention further graduate studies, law school, or medical studies to become a doctor. The dreams of business ownership, being a doctor, utilizing talent as an inventor are not realistic for our young people of today. First, banks will not finance ideas or inventions as in the past and banks will only lend if you have collateral or cash. Second, our society including our education system does not understand the importance of the American Dream as the opportunity of all is the capturing of all talent, innovators, inventors, etc from all social classes. The community support of business is missing to be out in the communities to recognize and support talent or foster incubators for aspiring young people who want to start a business,  or needs assistance on an invention that they created.

A young person does not have a community or resources available especially if they are poor to work hard on an invention, innovation,  or talent to be recognized in our modern society.  The Death of the American Dream is robbing our young of a future of opportunities especially if they are poor. The dreams and goals of the future by aspiring to being a business owner, utilizing a talent, or bringing an innovation or invention public are not realistic in a world where financing is absent, the business community does not scout for this talent, and our education system does not promote ownership or bringing forward talents of innovation and invention. The American Dream was a way to cultivate talent, give young people hope for the future, a bridge to economic inequality, and build the trust in our country that everyone has an opportunity.

Six articles will cover the death of the American Dream,

The First Three Articles will focus on the post World War 2 period:

The Last Three Articles will focus on the consequences of losing the American Dream:

The Death of the American Dream: Creating Jobs, Opportunity, and Investment in Community loses to status quo, crime, lack of jobs, and no opportunity.

The Death of the American Dream: Generation X is the living last link to the Depression Era and American Dream

The Death of the American Dream: Rebuilding After 20 Years



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