America threw away her power, treasure, and republic form of governance in less than 30 years after the collapse of communism….Debt and Division is the future….

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As the 20th Century closed, America was on top as the world’s only superpower. Communism was history and no power could challenge the military might of America. In addition, our country had experienced an economic boom and the country was prosperous and jobs were plentiful. Who could imagine in less than 20 years that our country is facing the abyss as our government has borrowed so much that a crisis is on the horizon. In addition, China will overtake America as the world’s largest economy by 2025. Our military is not unchallenged as Russia has risen back to power and China is building a military to match ours in power. Our republic form of government is in jeopardy as Washington is a stalemate and we cannot compromise anymore. We just argue and act nasty.

In our glory of being so powerful and so rich, it was not enough. Our technological revolution has given us companies like Apple and we have all these gadgets that we used and these products are built in China. Our corporations have gutted our manufacturing base for larger profits and the loss of manufacturing is one of the reasons for our decline. Banks were essential in our communities to assist people with a exceptional business idea, innovation, or invention to provide financing based on a business plan that would be profitable and create jobs in the future. The banks have stopped that practice and an avenue for people rich or poor to become owners or inventors were abandoned as national and regional banks would not assume the risk. The American Dream would slowly be for the young generation with access to money or connections and shutting out the youth living in poverty and fueling some of the income inequality in America today.

In our role as a superpower, we became a country of debt from consumer to corporate to government. Our young people are told that success is through a college degree or higher, but costs have increased to the point and no parent saves for their child’s college that a degree comes with debt in an economy where jobs do not support the burden of debt and independence for the graduate. America has made the yolk of debt a certainty from 18 to the grave. We have forgotten to save, budget, and earn money with the access to credit for college, cars, homes, vacations, etc.

America cannot be a superpower with trillion dollar deficits. We cannot be number one as we destroy the freedom of democracy in finding solutions to problems and not fighting each other to destruction, and we can’t be healthy economically as we gut the components and opportunity that builds a strong middle class such as the loss of manufacturing and the demise of the American Dream.

We are approaching 30 years since Communism collapsed and America was a power unmatched or unrivaled. We have thrown it away in one generation. America will be like the Soviet Union or the British Empire in the dustbin of history. What would our forefathers say who suffered and worked to build this country? You had it all and it was not good enough……


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