Wilson County:Community on edge after 10 dogs have been killed and the Sheriff is responsible for Animal Control and his failure in Animal Control should question his ability to protect the citizens of Wilson County…..DEVELOPING

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TONIGHT AT 10PM- We will do what no one will do over this situation. Expose the Sheriff and his failed leadership over the Animal Control in Wilson County for many years. Taxpayers and citizens should demand change for this law enforcement officer has arrested people who save animals in that community but will not enforce laws of animal abusers or protection of animals from harm. Ten Dogs are dead and his department did not begin an investigation until a reward was offered by citizens of the county, and the interview reads the county believes that the landfill not taking dead animals is causing issues with burial of the dogs. This county is the poster child of an animal control system so political and managed by people who do not truly care about the animals but their career. If Wilson can have a sheriff that will not managed animal control as his job duties require. BB&T and other companies should be aware of the law enforcement problem in Wilson and look elsewhere to have a presence. This county treats animals bad and ten dogs are dead. If someone will kill a dog, they will kill humans.

Please leave a response about changes needed in Wilson County

Reading the story about the ten dead dogs in Wilson County, the WRAL news story leaves some very important facts about this situation as they accept the Animal Control story of being on top of the investigation and giving the innocent reason that people are not able to bury their dogs at the landfill.


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