Animal Control Political Insanity Part One: 10 Dead Dogs in Wilson County has been evolving for 6 weeks as Sheriff Calvin L. Woodard Jr rants this situation is a tactic to hurt his election campaign

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Sheriff’s rant over Animal Cruelty Case

This dog was saved from the Wilson County shelter thanks to one of the rescue coordinators who try to place adoptable dogs that enter the shelter system. For the Love of Dogs of Wilson, Wilson Humane Society, and the Maggie Society are the backbone to saving animals in Wilson County.

When the dead dogs were discovered at first in the county. It was Kim Edmondson from the Wilson Humane Society who took the dead animals to her vet to determine the cause of death. The determination was blunt force trauma. She acted after animal control was contacted and responded but the dogs were dead and not their responsibility. Kim along with For the Love of Dogs and several others were concerned and decided to offer a $2,500 reward for any information about these dogs being found dead in trash bags beside the road in Wilson County.

The lack of response has been the story and eight more dogs are now dead found in the same manner as the others. The community is silent and Wilson County Animal Control gave an interview that gave the impression that they were on top of the investigation and that the community should not worry because it is people not knowing what to do with their dogs after death since the landfill does not take deceased animals any longer. The residents of Wilson County should be afraid because some animals did not die from natural causes but violent beatings to end their lives. A person will do the same to a human if given the chance. Why would someone be so bold to do this in Wilson County? The answer lies with the sheriff and the Animal Control under his area of responsibility.

Another Rescue Dog from the Wilson County Shelter

This situation began in the middle of February, and the brave nature of this horrible crime shows the impotence of the Animal Control in the county. They are not afraid of being caught or punished.



In February, this is month that the first dogs were found in Wilson County. It is April and the sheriff posted on Facebook that these brutal deaths of dogs were to target his re-election campaign. He has since removed the post, but this tragedy began in February and this is about the brutal killings of dogs not your bid for office. This is a dangerous individual(s) making a mockery of your management of Animal Control and the county’s ignoring the shelter and strict enforcement of animal cruelty cases in the county. The county taxpayers should be in an uproar, because the person being capable of this evil behavior toward animals will do the same to a human.

If you want to read the sad state of the current shelter, this is from the 2017 inspection from the Department of Agriculture.



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