Facebook Core Beliefs are now Public

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pexels-photo-267399.jpegA few months ago , I began to receive these polite notifications about my privacy and Facebook wanted to help me in helping me with keeping my information accessible to the people who I choose to share my information. I thought that this was strange for almost 18 months that I was a victim of a vicious attack on my character and Facebook did nothing to stop these people. I was trying to rescue and save dogs. I was the good guy but Facebook always sided with the persons leveling the attacks. The revelations are now coming out about the culture at Facebook. As someone with my experience, I believe this could lead to their downfall.

A leaker at Facebook made public this statement below to Buzz Feed that was made by Andrew Bosworth or Vice President at Facebook. This executive still has his executive position with the company. The company’s employees were not mad about this vulgar position but the anger was against the traitor who leaked this information……..



This is an excerpt from the Daily Mail about the anger of the employees:

Thousands of Facebook employees react with anger at company traitors after ‘ugly’ leaked memo from boss Andrew Bosworth justifies the firm’s growth at ALL costs


What kind of culture is angry over the leaker but have no moral issues with the bullying of children or people being killed in a terrorist attack?  Their success is only possible because of the United States. The freedom of our country was the catalyst for a company like Facebook to have a chance. Instead of remembering that fact, they create a social media entity that protect the criminal and evil of society by hiding and planning in the Facebook world. They allow people to create fake profiles under your name and pretend that they are you on Facebook. They allow harassment of good people on Facebook and has no recourse to protect against the evil elements. Terrorists making connections and blowing up people is okay with Facebook according to their Vice President. Children being victims of cyberbullying on Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg was a benefactor of a free America that allows people to come up with a business idea and work hard enough to make this  idea a successful venture. You were a benefactor of freedom, but you have given us a product that has taken freedom and the spirit of a democracy away from our society.  Your company allow people to forge people’s identities, your company promoted a social media of polarization and not discussion or compromise, your company gave a place for people to hide and be protected by your policies to harass people, cyberbully children, and a criminal element to find an unsuspecting victim. I was a victim of a character attack and a nasty harassment campaign that Facebook would not assist me in stopping these attacks. Today, the core beliefs are being made public and the culture rot in Facebook. Consequences should be appropriate to the actions and business practices of Facebook over all these years. The Downfall of Facebook may be the endgame after all is said and done.












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