‘Roseanne’ Embraces Diversity and Discussion with Civility……

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I was not the biggest fan of Roseanne during the first run 20 years ago, but I am excited about the return of the show because something is happening in America that is needed right now.. A funny lesson in being different and diverse with a hint of civility is something our polarized country needs now. The mainstream media has a hard time that Roseanne on the show and in real life voted for Trump, but look past Roseanne’s support for Trump and the Conners are dealing with many issues that are not discussed in a civil manner in our society.

Both daughters are middle age and struggling with issues and Darlene’s son is dressing in girl’s clothes and they discuss the issue as most families would. Not only do they discuss controversial issues, the show is absolutely funny. Roseanne and Jackie had their spat over the 2016 election and finally reconciled in the first episode.

That is the way that it should be, because we are so cynical and divided in this country that your right and privacy to vote for whomever you chose should not give any other person that voted differently the right to attack, judge, or intimidate you because of your voting choice. America is the melting pot, and we have a system of government that works when we compromise not divided and nasty to each other.

Roseanne has brought back to America that a discussion and compromise can happen and laughter too no matter our differences. The premier episode brought in 25 million viewers. I think that a few other Americans appreciate Roseanne and the cast of characters are bringing to our homes. Discussion is better that division.


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