Assad Did It. France has proof of chemical attack being carried out by Syrian Regime..America is not focused on the threat of war as Military Strikes loom.

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French President Macron is making public the Syrian regime used chlorine on the April 7th in Douma, Syria. This use of chemical weapons is under a regime ran by the puppet Assad and his master Putin in willing blindness to prop up a regime that would use weapons of mass destruction on their citizens. The danger of a wider war is on the line as US, France, and Britain threatens military strikes and Russian threatens retaliation and Israel and Iran proxy war in Syria is red hot after Israel’s attack on a Syrian base to stop Iran gaining a foothold. American media are focused on Mueller’s witch hunt on Trump and not the monsters or real threats in the Middle East, Trump is not the monster. Sorry; Hillary lost and Obama actions paved Trump coming to office, Trump would never be like Assad or a master like Putin supporting a murderer. War is a threat and Americans are so shallow that a Trump impeachment is more important than the evil leaders leading us to war.


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