The Treasure in Life that Money Can’t Satisfy

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Value is a treasure that a person brings in all things….Spring was coming to life in South Carolina.

I was not able to visit my Stepmother for Christmas and it has been since Thanksgiving since I have seen her. She has my Christmas presents waiting for me this evening and my favorite food for our meal. This lady is very special as she sat and listened to my update on life. She let me speak what was on my mind.. Her presence is an influx of peace that is rare in our chaotic society. She has asked me at 10:30pm at night to go to the grocery store with her and we would buy groceries for a family in need and delivering the groceries before midnight.

She is a treasure not because of her bank account but because of her. Our culture today is on TLC starring in reality tv to make them have treasure or they are getting married on television to compete who has the best of the best. They understand value as fame, possessions, status, and bank account balance. 90 Day Fiancé will not give you the value in the future as a person.

People like my Stepmother and my Grandfather who is deceased were treasures and it required less cash money to get things done because of the value and resources in their treasure that was compensation in other ways. Instead of being rude and cold after my absence, my Stepmother was happy to see me and it made me step up and help her with items around the house.

Money is nice to have and nice to earn butt it is a tool and we lose our value and let money alone defines us. What a chase is life and society without value but wealthy in our fortunes. There will never be enough money or success unless you own your value and carry a treasure of being a person that is rich without anyone thinking of your bank account.


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