Americans must deliver strong message to Washington in 2018 or face debt crisis and collapse: Congressional Impotence and Ignorance

The news of  America’s pending financial obilivion was viewed with little reaction by Congress because the political risks to their power is too great to be proactive and  save our country from a Venezuela style of collapse on millions of steroids


BBC: Allies Strike Syria US and allies launch strikes on Syria chemical weapons sites – BBC News AFP President Donald Trump says he

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Venezuela Collapse Should Worry America

The collapse of oil prices in 2014 was the spark of the rapid decline of the economy in Venezuela. The other issue is the crushing debt that has made the situation even worse. The government making a decision to make debt payments instead of feeding its people should make us in America very concerned. What happens to our country in the event of an economic event with our $20 Trillion in debt. Will Americans be forced to scour garbage to put food on our tables? This misery in Venezuela could happen to us if we do not change our fiscal policy.

Facebook Core Beliefs are now Public

Mark Zuckerberg was a benefactor of a free America that allows people to come up with a business idea and work hard enough to make this  idea a successful venture. You were a benefactor of freedom, but you have given us a product that has taken freedom and the spirit of a democracy away from our society.