Americans must deliver strong message to Washington in 2018 or face debt crisis and collapse: Congressional Impotence and Ignorance

The news of  America’s pending financial obilivion was viewed with little reaction by Congress because the political risks to their power is too great to be proactive and  save our country from a Venezuela style of collapse on millions of steroids


America’s Rise as the Oil Superpower

In the news today, America is on the decline as the economic and global superpower. However, our production of oil was always a weakness for the United States, and no one would thought several years ago that America would find new sources to extract and produce oil to increase production but increase production to rise as the Global Oil Superpower. In all our decline, America can accomplish anything if we work together and put our minds to accomplishing a task. It was 1970 since we produced 10 million barrels of oil per month and we are now passing the levels of production from 1970 after 48 years.

America threw away her power, treasure, and republic form of governance in less than 30 years after the collapse of communism….Debt and Division is the future….

As the 20th Century closed, America was on top as the world’s only superpower. Communism was history and no power could challenge the military might of America. In addition, our country had experienced an economic boom and the country was prosperous and jobs were plentiful. Who could imagine in less than 20 years that our country is facing the abyss as our government has borrowed so much that a crisis is on the horizon.