‘Roseanne’ Embraces Diversity and Discussion with Civility……

Roseanne has brought back to America that a discussion and compromise can happen and laughter too no matter our differences. The premier episode brought in 25 million viewers. I think that a few other Americans appreciate Roseanne and the cast of characters are bringing to our homes. Discussion is better that division.

Will Winter Ever End in North Carolina?

It is in the 30’s again this morning, it snowed on April 8th and it was April 11, 1989 since snow fell in this area this late in the season. It snowed 4 times during the month of March with the heaviest snow in this part of North Carolina was March 12th. We average only 6″ of snow per year and we ended up with 9.7″ for the season. That is nothing compared to our friends up north but February was so warm only to have March and April so cold with snow.

Venezuela Collapse Should Worry America

The collapse of oil prices in 2014 was the spark of the rapid decline of the economy in Venezuela. The other issue is the crushing debt that has made the situation even worse. The government making a decision to make debt payments instead of feeding its people should make us in America very concerned. What happens to our country in the event of an economic event with our $20 Trillion in debt. Will Americans be forced to scour garbage to put food on our tables? This misery in Venezuela could happen to us if we do not change our fiscal policy.

US and France Action in Syria Imminent

US and France may be ready to take action in Syria within the next 72 hours in response to a chemical weapons attack against civilians by the Assad Regime. Russia has warned the United States that they will retaliate against any strike on Syria. This follows an attack on an airbase by Israel several nights ago.  Last year, the US did strike Syria following a chemical attack with 50 Tomahawk Cruise Missiles.  This upcoming response seems to be much larger than the 2017 response. The question will be the consequence of strikes on Syria. Will this cause a war with Russia? Only time will tell……

America’s Rise as the Oil Superpower

In the news today, America is on the decline as the economic and global superpower. However, our production of oil was always a weakness for the United States, and no one would thought several years ago that America would find new sources to extract and produce oil to increase production but increase production to rise as the Global Oil Superpower. In all our decline, America can accomplish anything if we work together and put our minds to accomplishing a task. It was 1970 since we produced 10 million barrels of oil per month and we are now passing the levels of production from 1970 after 48 years.